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The World Affairs Conference (WAC) is Canada’s oldest annual student-run current affairs conference. Annually held at Upper Canada College in Toronto, Canada, the World Affairs Conference connects over 1000 students, with a common interest in current affairs, from across North America. A dedicated team of about 100 high school students from Upper Canada College, in coordination with Branksome Hall, voluntarily contribute their time for many months leading up to the day of WAC to ensure the success and positive experience for each delegate that attends the conference.

WAC spans two days: the Keynote Address, featuring a prominent member of the community, is held on the night of February 3rd and open to the public; and the Conference Day, which is held on February 4th and is attended by delegates and faculty supervisors only.

The Keynote Address is open to the Toronto public; anybody can attend. The Conference Day, in contrast, can only be attended by registered delegates and faculty advisors.


Yes, each accepted delegate must pay $50 in order to come to the SPRINT. Special accommodations may however be available if you contact WAC by email (

After completing the type form, we will be sending out acceptances via email on the 30th of January.

All that information is populated in the SPRINT page, click the red button in the top right to view it.

Of course!

All the prizes are under the SPRINT tab! If you have any further questions aboue them feel free to send us an email.


This year, we are using an online registration system! Visit the link in the navbar to get started.

Registration is due on January the 28th. If you have any concerns, please contact us.

Registration costs $55 per student. If price is an issue, please let us know: we can arrange special accomodations.

Please send a cheque for the total amount of students times $50 CAD payable to Upper Canada College. Our address is 200 Lonsdale Rd, Toronto, ON M4V 1W6. We will send an invoice to your registered email once we receive payment. If there are special accomodations, we will notify you in advance.

The WAC team recommends that advisors send their registration fees in by January 28th, to ensure that it arrives on a timely matter; the hard deadline for registration fees is the day of the conference (February 5th), and we will not let delegates inside the conference if fees are not paid by then.

We suggest that students attempt to register through their school, as that makes payment, supervision, and liability simply. In addition, if there are barriers preventing students from attending, such as money or administration issues, WAC is willing to help however we can. Ultimately, if none of this is successful, we ask delegates to contact us for more information: we can help independents on a case-by-case basis.

Delegates can notify WAC of their food (or otherwise) accomodations through the account system. We can guarantee that there will be vegetarian food that is available during the conference lunch. Unfortunately, we are not certain that we can accomodate every dietary concern. We suggest delegates with dietary concerns either bring a pack lunch, or go to a nearby restaurant.

Keynote address

During the Keynote Address, a prominent member of the community will give an address on current affairs at Laidlaw Hall. The Keynote Address is open to the public, and will also feature a Q&A session. Coat Check will also be provided.

The Keynote Address starts at 6:00 PM, but we recommend delegates come at 5:30 PM to register and get seats.

Anybody can attend the Keynote Address. We recommend that all delegates that attend the Conference Day also attend the Keynote Address.

Conference day

During the Conference Day, delegates will attend the Opening Address. Then, they will then proceed to attend three out of the six plenaries that they have been assigned to, with a lunch break in between. Finally, delegates will attend the Closing Address. A full schedule can be found on the schedule page.

School supervisors and their students are encouraged to arrive at or before 8AM for the registration check in process. Each student will receive their personal delegate package with their nametag and plenary assignments.

Head to the schedule page on our website to see the full schedule for the conference.

Lunch is provided to both student and faculty delegates free of charge on the day of the conference. A vegetarian option will be provided. Delegates are also free to bring a pack lunch or go to a restaurant to fit their dietary concerns.

Delegations can drop off students in the North parking lot, but cannot park inside the campus. We discourage delegates from parking, as parking spots are very hard to find. UCC is very close to the Davisville and St. Clair subway stations, and is recommended for smaller delegations.

Mobility accessibility issues can be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Contact WAC organizers on the day of for more information.