Popular Defiance

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With the emergence of the internet and social media as a method to spread political messages, we have seen, along with the polarization of viewpoints, the emergence of political movements on both the left and right that draw mass followings. This has escalated to the point where political thinkers and activists are elevated to near celebrity status. Furthermore, as of January 2018, according to the Pew Research Center, 42% of Canadians accessed news from social media at least once a day, a number that is rapidly growing. As use of social media becomes ever more ubiquitous in the coming decade, it will surely have a large impact on how we think, act, and vote.

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Anatoliy Gruzd

Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd

Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd is a Canadian Research Chair in Social Media Data Stewardship and Associate Professor at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University. He is also a Member of the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists; a co-editor of a multidisciplinary journal on Big Data and Society; and a founding co-chair of the International Conference on Social Media and Society. Anatoliy is a leader in social media studies and established the first social media research laboratory in North America. Dr. Gruzd examines how social media platforms are changing the ways in which people and organizations communicate, share information, conduct business and form communities, and how these changes impact society. Anatoliy and his team also develop new analytical tools and approaches for discovering and visualizing social media data and online networks. The broad aim of his initiatives is to advance the public’s understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of social media adoption.
Deborah Coyne

Deborah Coyne

Ms. Coyne is currently practicing law. In addition to the practice of law, Ms. Coyne is a long-time independent public policy consultant with extensive and wide-ranging experience in the development, implementation and application of public policy measures.

In 1983, Ms. Coyne began her career as a lawyer with Blake, Cassels and Graydon in Toronto, specializing in labour law and litigation. She also spent two years teaching law at the University of Toronto and has worked on legal and policy matters in the areas of Health, Human Rights, assistance to disabled persons, national business issues, constitutional reform, and refugee and immigration adjudication.

Ms. Coyne has served as a Policy Advisor and Analyst for various federal and Ontario Boards and Commissions. She has been a Board Member with the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board in Toronto and Ottawa, and with the Health Professions and Health Insurance Appeal and Review Boards, both in Toronto. As such, she has gained deep insights into the functioning of public and quasi-judicial institutions, not only in terms of the implementation of their statutory mandates, but, as well, of their relationships with governments.

Ms. Coyne has been very involved in the political process in Canada, having worked in policy research for a major political party and as a policy advisor for a provincial premier. She has also been a candidate for various political offices.

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