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The EU’s Midlife Crisis

What happened to get EU to this pivotal stage? What will be the long term impacts of crises affecting the EU, such as Brexit or the migrant situation? Will the EU endure as the strong political force it is today?

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Startup Cleanup

How can businesses abandon their profit motives to strive for a healthier planet with our current competitive economic system? How do people fit into the controversial connection between profit and the planet?

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Data Daycare

What is the right ethical framework to make decisions about the deployment of automation/AI? How should we think about such things? As we adopt new technologies, who is responsible for the impact of those technologies?

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The Plight of Workers’ Rights

How do large corporations deal with smaller internal issues regarding workers’ rights within the companies most effectively? Has the democratic vaules of the workplace been reduced over the past few decades?

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Reconciliation and Indigenization

What is the role of Canadian society in Truth and Reconciliation? How have attitudes about the Indigenous changed since the abolishment of residential schools?

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Popular Defiance

How has the power of social media impacted the current landscape of political thought and activism? Will the ability for unconventional and/or niche individuals to gain followings have a positive or negative impact on our world?