The Plight of Workers’ Rights

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The Plight of Workers’ Rights is a plenary that generally focuses on democracy and its core values within the workplace. Essentially, this involves the powers and rights of workers when faced against large corporate employers. The name, itself, symbolizes and is representative of the ebb in workers’ rights with regards to these large corporations today. It also explicates the fact that many workers are victim to current prevalent issues within the work environment, and how some companies refuse to acknowledge or change policies as a result of this. Finally, the plenary relates toward the future based on the theme, 2020 Vision, and looks to provide an analysis of what democracy in the workplace will presumably look like over the next decade due to the inevitable development of technologies worldwide.

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Dr. Jennifer Sumner

Shawna Bader Blau

Shawna Bader Blau has been in the field of advocacy and activism for working men and women seeking safe jobs within a fair work environment for several years. In addition, she has also worked in the field of international development and human rights for 17 years, and as a result, has lived or had a job in over 25 countries worldwide. Presently, Shawna leads the Solidarity Centre, the largest global rights organization based in the United States. Since October 2011, she has served as the chief executive director of this organization, leading 220 staff in Washington D.C., 26 field offices, and implementing programs in 60 different countries globally.
Florian Kerschbaum

Dr. David Zweig

David Zweig is a Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management and Chair of the Department of Management at the University of Toronto’s Scarborough Campus. Professor Zweig teaches courses in Organizational Behaviour and HR Recruitment and Selection and his research is in the areas of employee deviance, specifically examining knowledge hiding and knowledge theft in organizations, employee cynicism, and the impact of employee surveillance. His research has been published in top management journals such as the Journal of Applied Psychology, the Journal of Organizational Behavior and Personnel Psychology and has received widespread national and international media attention. He won a ‘best paper’ award for his work on knowledge hiding in organizations and recently delivered a TEDx talk on workplace deviance and how to break this cycle of deviance in organizations.

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